Saturday, October 24, 2015

add your kids as authors, upload family reunion pics, subscribe, FB?

I just sent an invite to all of the emails Kris gave me for her kids.  I can add other grandchildren if I you send me their addresses.

I never saw the group pic from the reunion...can anyone post a few?

It's easy to subscribe to the blog so when there is a new post you will receive an email.  Ask me if you need help doing that.

A long time ago I set up a family page on FB but that was the end of it!  It may be a better/easier way to keep in touch but Mom and Dad ( and others?) aren't on it so...any ideas?    I am inviting family members to that group but if I miss someone it's because I couldn't find them on FB.  Please invite them.  We can use FB to post links to the blog if you only want to post on the blog and not FB.  I'm sure as we try it out we'll figure out what works.

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