Monday, October 5, 2015

Enoch's Missionary Letter from 10.5. 2015:  Transfers!

Well, it has happened again, that was the fastest 9 weeks yet and it just keeps going. Transfers, my old campanion is making his way home back to Australia and I am staying in Zadar and training a new Elder! It is exciting. Both the sisters that were here before are staying which is a first in my time here in Zadar and with the new senior couple we will be a functioning normal district again! Well, normal for this mission anyway. It is really exciting! 
I am excited to find out my new Elder! I will find out who it will be probably Wednesday morning but we meet them all tomorrow. So right now I am in the city called Karlovac and tomorrow I will be in Zagreb and sleep there and go home to Zadar Wednesday night with my new best friend! 
Things that happened this week. It is always hard to remember the beginning of the week. Well, we had English class Tuesday and thursday, transfer calls were thursday morning but I already knew what I was doing, that was more about finding out travel plans for getting to and from Zagreb and when. One of the Sisters made a thing called Korean Beef which was just absolutely amazing, it is ground beef cooked with sesame oil, soy sauce, chili peppers flakes, garlic... and maybe somethign else, I can't remember, with rice and ramen noodles and fry sauce. It is a lettuce wrap dish. You choose a leaf of lettuse, put some of the fry sauce on then some meat, rice, noodles, wrap it and eat it with your hands. It was amazing as I previously mentioned. 
Other things that happened, we were let in to one old guys house who was Athiest because his family was killed during world war two. But it seemed more like he just didn't agree with the teeachings of the Catholic church and didn't want to associate himself with them. So we were able to have a really good converstation with him and bear our testimony to him, we even invited him to general conference. He was a really nice guy, I want to go back sometime this week and talk to him again. 
Then we also talked to one of our recent investiagators and his wife and talked about faith and free agency and how we know about truths. This was the first time we met with his wife and she was really defensive at the beginning until we showed her we were sincere and friendly, she enjoyed talking with us but didn't want to continue meeting with us. Her husband has had some signs from God leading him to us, and different things. I have a lot of hopw for them but maybe not soon. I will be checking up on them to see how they are because I really love these people.
General Conference was amazing and good to see how much I improved in understanding Croatian, and how much I still really need to learn. 
I am so thankful for the joy the gospel brings into my life, I just want to share it with everyone, because I know every single person can feel the joy of the gospel of Jesus Christ and his infinite and campassionate love for them!
I love you all,
Elder Olmstead

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